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Our Top Channel Partners make
an annual sales of Rs. 60 Lakhs.

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Diverse Audience and Income Channels

Our wide range of courses cater to a wide range of audiences, spanning from 10-year-old students to those aged 30, creating multiple revenue streams. This diversity ensures a consistent positive cash flow for both the center and the company. Additionally, Cleancode is strategically planning to introduce more educational-related services and products in its portfolio. Notably, payments are processed promptly, typically within 48 hours once the center raises the invoice.

Dedicated Relationship Manager for every Channel Partner

Who will be a single Point of Contact
Need Assistance?
Need Help?
Need to plan a batch?
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Need to discuss anything?
We provide you with a dedicated relationship manager to help and assist you at any point in time.

We help you in 7 Major Education Business Aspects

Marketing, Awarnessnes and Lead Generation

Our strategy focuses on strengthening your online presence and profile to the extent that you naturally attract inbound leads, resulting in increased branch visits and eventual conversions over time. The conversion rates for organic and inbound leads far surpass those of performance marketing. In addition to it, We help you in hosting a major event in your city, partnered with Google Developer Group and Amazon Web Services. Students receive credits and certificates upon attendance, elevating your center's credibility and visibility. This event attracts more foot traffic, enhances awareness, and fosters stronger relationships with students and colleges.

Placement Connect

Our committed and dedicated placement team, along with a network of over 500+ hiring partners, consistently offers numerous job opportunities to students enrolled in various courses. Eligible students receive unlimited job interview invitations from our hiring partners until they secure their desired positions.

Curriculum and Content

You get access to our Day-wise curriculum with notes and codes which is designed and structured by industry professionals and IIT graduates. We have projects, assignments, and exercises tailored to client specifications, ensuring students receive training aligned with real-world demands.

Teachers and Materials (Qualified Teacher's Data for online teaching)

We provide you a database of qualified teachers who are available to conduct online classes within their respective areas of expertise during your initial setup and until you secure an offline teacher for your center. You have the flexibility to interview and select teachers based on your preferences. We furnish comprehensive course videos with practicals, supporting teachers in their instructional endeavors. Additionally, we have a day-wise curriculum, complete with notes and codes, designed by industry professionals and IIT graduates. Just the teachers should have good communication skills, and programming knowledge. Teachers can use tools like ChatGPT to address and resolve coding errors.

Technology Support

We provide you, the Channel Partners with a Center Management Dashboard and a Student Management Dashboard to the Students. A New Age Cloud Based Institute Management Automation Solution connecting vital business operation entities namely Students and Channel Partners. You can take attendance, provide assignments, submit projects, add student details all under one dashboard. Students can monitor their progress, view attendance and submit assignments.Furthermore, we offer a certificate verification tool for students and the center, allowing them to verify the authenticity of their certificates.

Finance Partners and Student Loans

We've established collaborations with financial partners to facilitate students in securing student loans with minimal documentation and exceptionally low interest rates. By connecting you directly with these finance partners, we enable students to pursue their educational aspirations without the immediate burden of fee payments. Our support extends to offering flexible installment plans, allowing students the convenience of paying over 6, 9, or 12 months.

Official Merchandise, Utilization of Brand Name and Intellectual Properties

We have an integrated e-commerce website to order Cleancode merchandise such as Bottle, Diary, Laptop Bag, Pen, Polo Shirt, Hoodie, Visiting cards, laptop stickers and more. You can easily process payments securely via netbanking, card and UPI, and fulfill orders via our shipping partners. Furthermore you get access to utilization of Cleancode's brand name, intellectual properties following its guidelines.

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About Cleancode

"Cleancode” is the trademark of Curiosity iTech Private Limited (“Company”). We operate a series of hybrid learning (online+offline) centers that offer comprehensive, well-structured, and high-quality technical courses. Our curriculum is designed specifically for beginners who have no previous experience or knowledge in the subject and transform them into professionals in the field.

  • Certified Company

    Registered under Govt. of India. (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) Recognized by Startup India by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. Registered under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

  • 5X Awarded Company

    Best IT educational institution of the year at International Awards for Educational Excellence, Best IT Training service provider in India at Educational Excellence Awards and Conference, Best Innovation in IT Training Course in India at the Indian Excellence Awards and also Best IT Certification Program of the Year 2022 at AI Global Excellence Awards. Recognized as the NEXT BIG THING IN IT TRAINING by Startup India Magazine

Our Mission


Our Mission is to make “Cleancode the go-to institute for anyone, anywhere, and at any time who is interested in entering the IT sector, whether to develop skills or secure a job and has no previous experience or knowledge in the field.”

Our Vision


Our vision is to “simplify and streamline the process of learning technology, while also dispelling the notion that coding is complicated. The goal is to make technology courses accessible and affordable to everyone, and offer students the chance to secure their dream jobs at the leading IT companies.”

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Channel Partner Requirements

Space Requirements

Channel Partners should have a minimum space of 500-1000 sqft. Which should have a counselling room, waiting area and a classroom.

Location Requirements

The Channel partner classes should be easily accessible by the students via public transport and should not be more than 500 meters away from the main road and not more than 1000 meters away from the bus stand.

Team Requirements

The Channel partner should have a minimum team of 4 members. 2 Teachers/Trainers, 2 counselors/operations. You can decide if you want to hire more employees according to requirements.

Capex And Opex Requirements

The Channel partner should have a minimum capex of Rs.3,00,000/- and Opex of Rs.5,00,000/- to smoothly run the business operations.

Commitment Requirements

The partner owner should be committed to running the partner business for at least 24 months from the day of start of the operations.

Business Requirements

The Channel partner should provide at least Rs 18 Lakhs of minimum business in 12 months from the start date of agreement.

Estimate Financial Projections

P&L Sheet - 12 months of Operations

Note: During your interaction with our sales team, kindly ask for the pricing chart and financial projections sheet.
Calculations of capex, collection has been mentioned below: Contact Sales Manager
Collection Rs.56,25,000/-
Operating Expense* (Minus) Rs.28,06,000/-
Estimated Net Revenue Rs.28,19,000/-


The following are the estimated Capex and might vary depending upon the location, materials, vendors, etc.
Brand Fee, Software License, Resources Access, Manpower Allocation, Profile Optimization, Other license and service fees. Rs.1,50,000/-
GST Applicable at 18% Rs.27,000/-
Interiors (Classroom Benches, Paint, Projector, Whiteboard, Counseling Rooms, Reception, etc) Rs.2,50,000/-
Branding, Signage and other marketing materials Rs.50,000/-
Note: The channel partner needs to renew the agreement after 24 months of completion since the date of signing the channel partner agreement. If the channel partner generates business exceeding Rs.36,00,000 for the company within a 2-year period, equivalent to Rs.18,00,000 annually, they will be eligible to receive an additional Rs.1,00,000 in incentives from the company.

Reference Pictures of Classroom, Counseling Room and Outdoor of our channel partners

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